The Original Arcade Games

One of the very first arcade games was the much-loved and timeless game of Space Invaders. The introduction of games such as Space Invaders took over from the cult of pinball machines Of course, since then the graphics have improved substantially but the game is still just as playable and just as addictive as it was back then! The earliest forms of the game were not the type you carried around with you on your phone or on a portable games console, but the big free standing arcade game style. Many an afternoon spent with a friend pouring over a table with the chunky TV screen set into it with the controls on either side so that you could do battle with one another.

Arcade games have been around from as early as 1978 with a big boost in display quality with the introduction of vector graphics in 1979. Arcades were bursting on to the scene around the late 1970s but this took a bit of a dive when around 1983 NES came onto the scene, meaning that with the introduction a clunky machine and cartridges, the joys of arcade games could now be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. If you were around and gaming in those years, you would be very familiar with Atari’s Pong, thought to be the first patent filed signaling the start of the era, which gained a huge cult following. Hot on its heels were Space Invaders, Atari’s Asteroids, Donkey Kong and Namco’s much-loved and still around today (and considered the highest grossing arcade game of all time) – Pac-Man.

Interesting fact: The Space Invaders game became so popular that there is an urban legend that says it was responsible for a shortage of 100 yen coins in Japan leading to a production increase of the coins.